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Odissi dance company
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ODC Dance School class

Education: principles

ODC Dance Company education programs are based on:
  • Integration in theory and practice, of the arts -- dance, music, singing and culture
  • Yoga and meditation based dance movement, thereby minimising risk of injuries in training
  • Wholistic fitness at several levels -- physical (muscular and skeletal), emotional and spiritual.
  • Dance theory on performance, dance, composition, dance as an artform which focuses on Odissi dance and analysis of other styles such as flamenco, classical and modern ballet and Aboriginal dance styles.
Teaching: Our Artistic Director Nirmal Jena has undergone intensive training under his father, Guru Surendra Nath Jena, in the art of becoming a guru. He represents a family tradition in dance and music over several generations. He has had extensive training in Odissi dance, Serai Kela Chhau/semi-classical dance style from Orissa, India, Orissan and North Indian classical and folk vocal music as well as instrumental music (percussion - pakhawaj, mridang).
Odissi Dance School performance